International students can easily receive full information about the school by participating in the online OBC Study Abroad Seminar which is held regularly with the participation of presentations from the admissions staff in Japan.

Let's start from participating in Online Open Campus to learn about OBC school!

Online SEminar


- 3 avantage points

- Schedule

- How to register

3 điểm thuận lợi khi tham gia OBC Online Open Campus

Online Open Campus

You can approach the admissions house in Japan, find out all the information about the school, about the specialized faculty right at home!

Online Open Campus

You can join by phone (Smart Phone), computer (PC) or tablet (Tablet)!

Online Open Campus

You can turn off the camera, mute when participating if you feel uncomfortable if others see or hear your voice!

OBC Online Open Campus's schedule

Held on the same day as the Open Campus taking place in Japan.

* There are cases that may change unexpectedly, so please check and confirm in advance.




07        Day: 17 (Sat), 22 (Thu), 28 (Wed)

08        Day: 4 (Wed), 7 (Sat), 18 (Wed), 21 (Sat)

09        Day: 11 (Sat), 18 (Sat)

10        Day: 9 (Sat)

11        Day: 13 (Sat)

12        Day: 11 (Sat)




01        Day: 29 (Sat)

02        Day: 12 (Sat)

03        Day: 12 (Sat), 26 (Sat)

How to register for OBC Online Open Campus

Bước 1

Please register your information on your intended date of participation by filling out the form below!

Bước 2

Download the free ZOOM app to your computer or phone!

Bước 3

Receive and check Meeting ID and Password via registered e-mail!

Bước 4

When the day comes, let's turn on ZOOM and join in!

ONLINE OPEN CAMPUS IN JULY 2021, 8/2021, 9/2021


Day 18/9/2021 (Sat), 09/10 (Sat), 13/11 (Sat), 11/12 (Sat), 29/01/2022 (Sat), 12/02/2022 (Sat), 12/03/2022 (Sat)


12:00 PM - 13:00 PM (Japan time)

Đăng ký tham gia


4 easy steps!

Step 1: Sign up

Click on the "Registration section here" and enter the necessary information before the date of participation.

Please enter the correct e-mail address as the school will send important information about the Meeting ID or Password directly to the registered e-mail.

* Please note that you should check your e-mail settings to ensure that you receive incoming e-mails from the school.

Please check the school's information in advance at Website > http//:www.caitac-obc.com

Step 2: Download the free Zoom application

Please download the Zoom app to attend (No account registration required)

> Download the application on Iphone here.

> Tải ứng dụng trên Android here.

> Download the app on Android tại đây.

Step 3: Confirm e-mail Meeting ID and Password information

After completing the registration for OBC Online Open Campus, the school will directly send the link to join Zoom (Meeting ID, Password) to the registered e-mail address.

If you have not received confirmation from the school before the date of attendance, please contact the OBC Admissions Unit (098 396 1209) or send an e-mail to info@caitac-obc.com

Step 4: Launch Zoom and log in

On the day of the meeting, students should start the Zoom application 10-15 minutes before the scheduled time and click the "Join a Meeting" button.

Next, enter the Meeting ID and Password that was sent to the previous e-mail.

* For the convenience of the school, please write your full name on the display.

Finally enter the Password and press “Continue” to finish!

During the process of logging in to Zoom, if students encounter any difficulties, please contact the OBC Admissions Unit directly (+85 (0) 98 396 1209) for direct guidance!

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