OBC is a general college established in 1983, belonging to "Kaihata Educational Institution" with 10 specialized faculties such as Business - Communication, Welfare Nursing, Japanese Culinary Chef, Fashion, Furniture Cartoon, Pastry Chef, Wedding, Beauty and dog care, Office health and Esport Business.

OBC is an "All in one" college for international students who can study Japanese, major in majors, and get support in finding a job after graduation.

History of OBC

- April 1983: : Okayama Business College was established.

- April 2001: Established the Department of Japanese Language

- April 2002: Established Okayama Beauty Mode College .

- April 2004: Established Iwatacho Campus 2 .

- April 2007: Established Iwatacho Campus 3 for the faculty of Japanese language and international culture.

- April 2009: Construction of the Mikado dormitory for international students was completed..

- March 2016: Okayama Beauty Mode School moved its address to Okayama-Kita-Showa.

- April 2017: Rebuild the Tamachi campus of Okayama Business College.

- In 2021: Established West Okayama Station Campus.