Studying at Tamachi Campus. Length of study: 02 years (Female only).

Recognized by the Japanese Ministry of Culture for the quality of the practical training program.

Turning passion into reality, everything learned at the school connects to students' future jobs.

Khoa Tổ chức tiệc cưới

03 spcecial features of Wedding Planning Department

Facilities and equipment at the school are close to the actual scene

Students can gain skills, knowledge and real-world experience on-campus, with both a chapel and a dress salon available.

Cơ sở vật chất, trang thiết bị tại trường gần sát với hiện trường thực tế

Be able to build your own professional wedding ceremony in 2 years of study

From the 2nd year, students will build their own M.D.O Wedding.

At OBC, students learn all the knowledge in the wedding industry so in the future students can rely on it to create more interesting things in their own style.

Có thể tự xây dựng nên một lễ cưới chuyên nghiệp của riêng mình

The environment, equipment and facilities are similar to the actual workplace

All students must choose for themselves a college with qualified equipment, environment, and real-life facilities, and at OBC, there is everything for students to study engineering, skills in the most professional manner.

Môi trường trang thiết bị, cơ sở vật chất giống với nơi làm việc thực tế


- Wedding planning specialist

- Banquet staff

- Wedding studio assistant

- Coordinator

- Hotel staff

- Wedding party stylist

- Designer

- Fresh flower coordinator

- Shop staff

- Costume Coordinator

- Jewelry advisor

- Other

Typical subjects

Thực hành lên kế hoạch, tổ chức tiệc cưới

Practice planning and organizing a wedding party

Practicing wedding dress consultation (Dress Stylist): From the second year, students start using the chapel, dress salon to deepen their professional knowledge depending on their future career aspirations.


Time to learn flower arrangement, flower coordination

Students learn design skills, how to arrange flowers, and coordinate wedding flowers suitable for both space and time of the party.

Student's Voice

"I'm trying my best with my peers, asking questions together, improving my skills to achieve my dreams.

I decided to study at OBC since attending the Open Campus held at the school and was extremely impressed with the style and spirit of efforts of the seniors.

My dream is to become a professional wedding planner and organizer, so now, together with everyone, I'm trying my best every day to achieve my dream." (Friend Sachino Ogawa)

Sachino Ogawa

Other specialized faculty at OBC