Studying at Tamachi Campus. Duration of study: 2 years.

Recognized for the quality of practical training by the Japanese Ministry of Culture.

Khoa Làm đẹp, chăm sóc cún cưng

03 special features of Pet Dog Beauty – Nursing Department

Students fully absorb and practice the knowledge to be able to become a professional Medical Trimmer!

Not only beauty techniques, students also learn how to take care, nutrition, and discipline for dogs in a friendly way and make customers happy

Công việc: Được làm những điều mình yêu thích

As a veterinary college with the largest number of dogs in central Japan!

Students can learn how to take care of, beautify, experience with many different types of dogs, thereby easily adapting to work after graduation.

Sinh viên có thể xác định rõ hơn về năng khiếu của bản thân

Students have the opportunity to become a management expert or a nutrition consultant for dogs!

Most owners find it difficult and worried about their dog's nutrition, then they always need advice and advice from industry experts.

Môi trường trang thiết bị, cơ sở vật chất giống với nơi làm việc thực tế


- Professional Medical Trimmer

- Trimmer

- Veterinary clinic staff

- Pet store employee

- Dog and cat cafe staff

- Other

Typical subjects

Thực hành làm đẹp cho cún cưng

Practice beautifying your dog

Students have more than 1,400 hours of practice in the form of lectures that simulate the space of a professional salon.

Thực hành quản lý dinh dưỡng cho cún cưng

Practice nutritional management for dogs

Research on pet foods currently on the market, then add ingredients that can also be eaten by humans to make toppings, improve nutrition for pets.

Student's Voice

"Every day I get to interact with and take care of my favorite dog.

Every day, in addition to trying to practice skills towards professional certifications in the industry, I also have a lot of time to experience and interact with many types of dogs at the school. Every day, being helped by the friends around me and the enthusiastic and friendly teaching of the teachers makes me very happy." (Friend Yui Kishimoto)

Yui Kishimoto

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