Studying at Iwatacho Campus. Duration of study: 2 years.

Recognized for the quality of practical training by the Ministry of Culture.

Food safety training equipment recognized by the Ministry of Labor.

OBC is a member of Okayama Confectionery Association.

Khoa Đầu bếp bánh ngọt

03 special features of Pastry Department

Students have more practice time than other schools to practice essential skills in the profession!

Students have more than 1300 hours of practice and also learn a lot from chefs working in the industry to teaching schools.

Sinh viên có thời gian thực hành vượt trội

Basic and complete curriculum!

Students can promote their own abilities through competitions or running a cafe. This helps students improve their creativity, self-control and inspiration for the profession.

Chương trình học căn cơ, đầy đủ

OBC's Follow Up support is the deciding factor in admission for more than half of students!

The teachers are ready to support enthusiastically to help students improve their skills and skills even during long vacations if students have aspirations.

Hình thức hỗ trợ Follow Up


- Rate of getting a job after graduation: 100%

- Working at a pastry shop: 45%

- Working at a cafe: 21%

- Working at a hotel: 12%

- Working at a wedding restaurant: 7%

- Working at a confectionery: 4%

- Working at Bakery: 4%

- Working elsewhere: 7%

Job after graduation:

- Pastry chef (confectionery store, hotel, wedding hall, etc.).

- Cafe staff.

- Boulanger (bread maker).

- Japanese confectioner.

Công việc sau khi tốt nghiệp

Degree should aim at:

- National certificate of confectionery hygiene.

- Certificate of confectionery skill level 2, certificate of bread making skill level 2 national level.

- Certificate of confectionery packaging level 3.

- Food hygiene management.

- Certificate of service and reception.

Bằng cấp cần hướng đến

Study method at OBC

Cuộc thi bánh cưới Wedding cake contest
4 năm liền đạt giải nhất Cuộc thi làm bánh Âu 4 years in a row won the first prize in the European Bakery Contest
Cuộc thi món tráng miệng Dessert Contest
Kinh doanh quán cafe Coffee shop business
Triển lãm tốt nghiệp Graduation Exhibition

Typical subjects

Thực hành Food - Drink

Practice Food - Drink

Students not only learn how to make coffee, tea, etc., but also learn about ingredients such as beans, tea leaves, etc., and also the history of those ingredients. In addition, students will learn to prepare drinks or dishes included in the wedding party.



Vandouz is a professional salesman with specialized knowledge of Western confectionery. Students will learn the knowledge and skills about sales to be able to bring the most satisfaction to customers.

Student's Voice

"I not only learned confectionery skills but also the positivity of the profession.

I used to be a very shy person when interacting with people, but while studying at the school I gradually improved my communication skills and felt like I was a lot more mature.

I always have friends and teachers by my side whenever I have difficulties or worries, so I can rest assured that my studies and professional training will be better." (Friend Yuri Shibata)

Yuri Shibata

Other specialized faculty at OBC