Studying at Tamachi Campus. Duration of study: 2 years.

Recognized for the quality of practical training by the Ministry of Culture.

Khoa Y tế văn phòng

03 special features of the Medical Coding Department

Students can choose 1 out of 5 majors that are suitable for their abilities and goals.

After the first year of learning the basic knowledge, in the second year, students can choose their own specialties to continue studying and practicing.

Sinh viên có thể tự chọn 1 trong 5 chuyên môn phù hợp với năng lực và mục tiêu của mình

Learn how to communicate, serve customers with all your heart, which only "humans" can do .

Learn how to co-exist with AI (artificial intelligence) devices by improving communication and communication abilities that only “humans” can do.

Học cách truyền đạt, phục vụ khách hàng bằng cả trái tim

Lead and support students every step of the way in the actual practice process until students can feel their own maturity.

Starting from practicing what they have learned, students can choose internships suitable for their future target areas.

Dẫn dắt, hỗ trợ sinh viên từng bước trong quá trình thực hành thực tế


- Medical office staff

- Medical information management

- Assist in drug preparation

- Physician assistants (office jobs)

- Dental receptionist

- Salesman

- Customer care staff

- Other

Typical subjects

Thực tập ý tế văn phòng

Internship in office medicine

After completing the basic knowledge and skills lessons, students will move to practice hours to improve skills suitable to each person's ability.

Ngôn ngữ cử chỉ

Body language

At OBC, students learn sign language and gestures for life and work, which are commonly used today.

Student's Voice

"Always try your best because by my side I have friends and teachers to accompany and support!

Every day going to school for me is a joy and there are more memorable memories because I study in an environment with teachers who are always enthusiastic to teach and have friends who work together even though learning is difficult. many times with obstacles!

I am currently focusing on studying for industry certifications and my dream is to become a person who brings satisfaction and peace of mind to all patients in the future.” (Friend Nanami Tanabe)

Nanami Tanabe

Other specialized faculty at OBC