Studying at Tamachi Campus. Duration of study: 2 years.

Recognized for the quality of practical training by the Japanese Ministry of Culture.


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03 special features of Fashion Department

Work: Do what you love

The fashion industry exists in a variety of different types of jobs and so students after studying at OBC can deeply understand their work after graduation to make good use of their strengths and weaknesses. as your hobby.

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Students can better define their own talents

Students can choose a major that is suitable for their aptitude, thereby cultivating and practicing well so that when they go to work, they can feel secure and limit mistakes.

Sinh viên có thể xác định rõ hơn về năng khiếu của bản thân

The environment, equipment and facilities are similar to the actual workplace

All students must choose for themselves a college with qualified equipment, environment, and real-life facilities, and at OBC, there is everything for students to study engineering, skills in the most professional manner.

Môi trường trang thiết bị, cơ sở vật chất giống với nơi làm việc thực tế


The program at OBC is to create a connection between students' interests and jobs and support students' career dreams!

It doesn't matter if students start simply by saying "I like fashion"!

Rate of getting a job after graduation: 100%

Turn your passion and strength in fashion into work, for example:

- Fashion + Math = Retailer

- Fashion + Spreadsheet = Clothing production manager

- Fashion + Idol = Design studio staff

- Fashion + Sense = Fashion consultant

- Fashion + Sports = Sportswear designer

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Job after graduation:

Shop staff Fashion designer

Designer Product development sampler

Staff Atelier

Garment seller

Staff Atelier Dress / Costume

Garment seller

Retailers, etc

Công việc sau khi tốt nghiệp

Degree should aim at:

- Certificate of Competency in Fashion Sales

- Certificate of prototyping skills

- Certificate of skills (manufacturing women's and children's clothing)

- Certificate of Personal Color

- Certificate in fashion business

- Certificate of color mixing

- Certificate of service reception

- Certificate in Japanese word processing

- Certificate of information processing skills

Study method at OBC

- Admission

- Year 1 semester 1 (basic)

- Year 1 semester 2 (Basic subjects)

- Year 1 (Applied subjects)

- The foundation period helps students realize their talents

- Thoroughly study the specialized knowledge that you choose to pursue

- Shop Stylist

- Shop Stylist - MD - Designer

- MD - Designer

- Expertise in design skills

- Graduate

Typical subjects

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Fashion production

Organize classes into small groups for students to establish their own businesses and fashion brands, thereby practicing market research skills, teamwork capacity as well as product development capabilities.

Nhà vô địch tại đại hội kỹ năng toàn quốc lần thứ 58

National Skill (58th champion)

Nationally recognized for its quality when being the representative of Okayama Prefecture to attend and win gold, silver and bronze medals at many contents at the national skill congress 2020.

Student's Voice

"The place where I can accompany you with the same dream as me!

I have learned the necessary knowledge, similar to the reality of the workplace, and learned to improve my teamwork and creativity with my team. In the future, I will always keep in mind what OBC teachers taught me, "Don't give up, be determined to the end" to learn and improve my skills even more." (Friend Ayaka Nakajima)

Ayaka Nakajima

Other specialized faculty at OBC