Studying at Iwatacho Campus. Duration of study: 2 years.

Specialization in Business - Marketing.

Majoring in English Communication.

Training skills and thinking in business.

Catching up with today's globalized human resources.

Khoa Business Comminucation

03 special features of Business Comminucation Department

Train the ability to think creatively to create new values!

OBC encourages students to promote creativity, practice planning ability and communicate ideas through lecture hours, group activities, etc.

Đào tạo sinh viên có khả năng tư duy sáng tạo

Improve your business knowledge and foreign language!

In the first year, students will learn the basics of business, basic English as well as continue to improve their Japanese language ability. In the second year, students will be able to choose their own major, study intensively and practice skills for future success.

Tập trung trao dồi kiến thức kinh doanh và tiếng Anh

Many choices after graduation!

Students can apply for jobs at corporations in Japan or Japanese - Vietnamese corporations in Vietnam. In addition, students can also transfer to the 3rd year of universities in Japan with the same major.

Tính đa dạng sau khi tốt nghiệp

Progress after graduation - Degrees


Job After Graduation

- Business man

- Planning staff

- Case officer

- Service industry staff

- International business staff

- Marketing staff

- International sales agent

- Aviation service officer

- English and Japanese teachers

- Tour guide, etc 

Message from Alumni

"Bringing on the specialized skills nurtured at OBC!"

Friends Yuna Edagi – Front Staff

Graduated in 2020

Working at Hotel Kouraku

Yuna Edagi

I am currently in charge of work at the front desk, including check-in/check-out procedures, checking reservations, cleaning instructions and regularly receiving phone calls from customers. I find it extremely interesting and useful to meet and regularly interact with customers.

At OBC, I have learned business knowledge, skills, and foreign languages, so I don't face many difficulties in the process of working even when the client is a foreigner. In the process of working, I feel very happy when the customer responds: "Thank you for your very attentive service! I will definitely come back".

Yuna Edagi

I feel there is almost no gap between teachers and students, the teachers at OBC are always close and supportive to help us realize our dreams. The warm family-like environment makes me really happy because I feel like I'm giving presentations, discussing, and practicing skills with my family members.

I will try to be more and more sociable, learn from the seniors and seniors who have gone before and will always try to be equal, serving every customer with all the heart and enthusiasm of a hotelier!

Yuna Edagi

"The teachers taught me a lot from communication skills, work ethics and helped me nurture my dream!"

Friend Kodai Matsushita – Salesperson

Graduated in 2018

Working at Big Motor Joint Stock Company.

Kodai Matsushita

My job is mainly buying and selling used cars.

I really like this job because this is not just about buying and selling, I get to contact, meet and also keep a long-term relationship to serve my customers. Moreover, this is also an expensive item, so I really enjoy when I get good results at work!

I remember the moment when I really felt meaningful when I received a compliment from a customer for the first time, he told me: "You are thoughtful and good at hosting! If Matsumoto suggested it, I would buy it. ". I feel that my value has been recognized by customers, it is not simply buying an item, they have recognized and bought the value that I myself bring to them.

Kodai Matsushita

At OBC, I have the opportunity to meet a lot of new people through events not only in my department but in all other departments. Since then, it has trained me to talk to people for the first time, which has helped me a lot in my current job.

My goal is to become a salesperson with the best performance, contribute a lot to the company as well as bring many benefits to customers. I think many young people today are worried because they don't have their own goals and dreams, so please try to come to OBC, choose your favorite major and get support from the teachers. Believe that you will grow up and achieve your own goals and dreams!

Kodai Matsushita

Silicon Valley-style training guide

Masumoto Hiroyuki
Mr. Masumoto Hiroyuki (Satellite Campus Manager)
Satellite Campus
Satellite Campus

OBC educates students on business thinking by connecting online with Lecturer - Director of Satellite Campus in Silicon Valley, where the Head Offices of large enterprises such as Google and Apple are located to help students. Members have had unprecedented experiences, encountered, seen and received practical values, thereby enhancing the spirit of daring to challenge themselves and learn new things.

Typical subjects



Take topics from current practical problems as lectures, from which students can learn and practice knowledge from the most basic to advanced. In addition to specialized exam preparation classes, OBC also organizes online lessons linked to international courses.


General English (TOEIC)

From year 1, students are challenged through TOEIC lessons with the goal of not only "Remembering" but also being able to "Speak" what they want. Students are taught by native teachers, learning how to communicate and express the language in the most natural way.

Student's Voice

"You can study with peace of mind because there is a warmly supportive and warm environment!

In the future, I want to work in a job where I can promote my English, so at OBC I'm exposed to English every day. I have been able to meet and talk directly about many topics with native teachers. The teachers are very supportive, so I am confident with my current ability and will try to improve even more.” (Friend Yuika Shiotsuki)

Yuika Shiotsuki

Study route at Department Of Business Communication

Lộ trình Khoa Kinh doanh - Giao tiếp

Other specialized faculty at OBC