Studying at Iwatacho Campus. Length of study: 2 years

Turn hobbies into shapes, learn vivid knowledge from reality.

Khoa Đồ họa hoạt hình

03 special features of Anime Illustration Department

Highly specialized classes

The school is directly linked with ENGI Joint Stock Company and the experts of this company will be directly in charge of part of the class hours to improve the professionalism of the students of the school.

Các giờ học mang tính chuyên môn cao

Some classes will be taught by creative professionals working in the industry

Classes are divided into small groups of 2 people 1 group to develop and improve the professional level of students according to the criterion "Answer all questions and unknown things" for students.

Một số giờ học sẽ do chuyên gia sáng tạo giảng dạy

Students can experience the much-admired industry!

Directly supported by many external experts.

OBC's strongest point at this faculty is to create many opportunities for students to approach and learn from industry experts who have created works and characters that are loved and admired by everyone.

Sinh viên có thể trải nghiệm


Roadmap after graduation

OBC students can choose from a variety of different paths for themselves.

Graduation -> OBC is associated with an anime production company, so depending on their ability, they can strive to become an Animator or Illustrator.

Graduation -> students do not have to work full-time for a certain business, but can become a Freelancer associated with projects that they like.

Graduate -> Become a full-time employee of an enterprise.

Job after graduation:

Animator; Filmmaker;

Illustrator; CG Designer;

Professional painter; Film;

Anime character designer; Character design;

Game graphic designer; Comic artist; Freelancer.

Others: In charge of design work at companies or medical facilities (offices, general offices, sales)

Lộ trình sau khi tốt nghiệp

Degree should aim at:

Certificate of Creative Competence Photoshop® / Illustrator®

Certificate of Competency in Color Coordination

Certificate of Creative Competence CG

Certificate in Multimedia Communication

Bằng cấp cần hướng đến

Study method at OBC

Train students to have the skills to recognize their own problems, solve problems, and be creative with Active Learning!

Year 1 semester 1 (basic) Làm quen với các phần mềm chuyên nghiệp
Focus on learning the foundation and familiarizing yourself with professional software
Year 1 semester 2 (Application) Ứng dụng làm nên tác phẩm riêng của mình
Learn the latest techniques being used today to apply to create your own work
Year 2 (Intership) Active Learning
Students and teachers discuss together to determine the right direction and then deploy lessons based on Active Learning with a focus on practicality.

Typical subjects

Thực hành chế tác Anime illustration

Practice making Anime Illustration

Experience making graphic orders similar to reality, suitable for the workplaces that students want.

Thực hành phối Nền tác phẩm

Background work, behind the scenes

Practice designing the background of the work from the theoretical to the practical stage to be the most accurate and most reasonable for the placement of the characters.

Student's Voice

"A lot of topics were given by my teachers so that I could improve my ability!

I'm currently working hard on honing my skills to aspire to one day become a professional Animator. As long as we try, the teachers will support and give advice so that we can get closer to our dreams. I really enjoy the lectures from real experts coming to the school and I think this is the biggest attraction of OBC.” (Friend Nozomi Fukuda)

Nozomi Fukuda

Other specialized faculty at OBC