Let's experience the memorable moments of student life at OBC!

Students at OBC always give their best in both learning and playing, together having an unforgettable youth together with international teachers and friends!


Sports Day

Sports day held together with OBM school (under the same education system as OBC)

The festival was held on the stadium in Okayama, students and teachers of the whole school, regardless of nationality, age, and gender together participated in Japanese folk sports games, through which students were born. Members can exchange, expand friendship relationships, entertain and improve solidarity.

Ngày hội thể thao

School Day

The school day is held together with OBM (the same educational system as OBC).

The festival is held on the stadium at the campus of the school, is a big event held every year. On this day, students of faculties compete with each other through games, competitions, singing and dancing performances, or together opening restaurants, etc. to have fun and exchange cultures between countries.

Ngày hội trường

Admission Ceremony - Graduation Ceremony

From students with many worries at the entrance ceremony to tears and satisfied smiles when feeling their growth at the graduation ceremony, all will be good memories along the way. every student's success.

Lễ nhập học - Lễ tốt nghiệp

OBC 365 days

In addition to the general festivals, there are many separate events in each faculty.

At OBC, students will experience interesting and memorable times in line with the school's style of "When studying, study hard - When playing, play hard".

OBC 365 ngày